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Beats By Danny Drum Bounce vol 1. - The Sample Guru

Beats By Danny Drum Bounce vol 1. - The Sample Guru

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Sample Guru Music Library is proud to present...

"Drum Bounce vol 1" Drum Kit.  Absolutely FREE

Drum Bounce volume 1 is a collection of drum loops and starters from Beats By Danny. It incorporates a lot of inspiration from 2000's era drum kits and styles of bounce. Element in this kit can be felt from Timbaland, Pharrell, The Neptunes, J Dilla and embody that organic feeling and irresistible bounce.

Kit Features:  

Bounce Certified: Get thumpy kicks, crisp snares, vocal chants, and ethnic percussion loops. •

Ultimate Toolkit: 10 drum loops crafted with attention to detail on the feel and bounce in each rhythm. Can be pitched up or down to match the key of your beat. Sequenced to incorporate various elements.

Master Your Craft: Plug these in as starters to your session to get the ideas going or use them to learn how to craft the bounce yourself! 

Surrounded By Legends: Modeled on the 2000’s era drum bounce of Timbaland, Pharrell, and Dilla. This kit will add versatility to your sound and inspire you bu blending genres together.


Seamless integration:

10 Full-length, original loops in 24 bit .wav format

Labeled with BPM for easy project management

Mixed with plenty of headroom

Compatible with DAWs, samplers, and iOS devices that accept .wav format

Hassle-free clearance

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