Sync Licensing Course - Get Your Beats On TV

Sync Licensing Course - Get Your Beats On TV

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This video course is by XcaliberZero who has landed over 200+ TV, Ads, & Social Media placements.


This course is specifically for Producers/Beatmakers looking to really understand how to structure your beats for TV, and maximize your TV placements to collect royalty checks.

In this course, XcaliberZero includes
  • The exact formula he uses to structure his beats for placements,
  • The different genres for TV.
  • TV Placement Drum Kit (70+ one shots)
    • 808s
    • hi hats
    • snares
    • kicks
    • percussion
  • Midi Templates for each genre/style of TV beat
    • Comedy/Dramedy
    • Drama/Tension
    • Emotional
    • Scene Openers
  • Bonus Tips
    • How to find music libraries to submit to.
    • How to use TuneFind